The UK’s PSTN network will switch off in 2025! Now is the time to invest in a modern and versatile telephone system that takes full,secure advantage of the Internet.

Welcome to the IP age! With an increasing amount of voice telephone calls being made over the internet, it makes sense to investigate what VOIP can do for you.

Some telephone systems will shortly be rendered useless as the telecoms industry retire ISDN lines in favour of broadband.

Voice Over IP is the perfect partner for a broadband connection. Your voice is converted to a digital signal that is easily sent over the Internet. With the Internet as a tool in the telephony armoury, it brings a number of really attractive benefits.

Telephone lines don’t have to be physical, you can subscribe to geographic/non-geographic numbers much in the same way as physical lines, without them ever being installed on your premises. This also has a bearing on setup costs and can make provisioning extra lines really cost-effective.

In fact, a VOIP system can make a lot of features easily accessible and mostly by adding or configuring the software. It’s no wonder that VOIP is increasingly replacing legacy business telephone exchanges.

  • Integrate legacy PSTN lines
  • cheaper calls, especially international
  • professional “welcome” menus a cinch – your own digital receptionist
  • usage recording for onward billing (hotels, care homes etc.)
  • have staff work from anywhere as though in the “office”, they can even have a DDI (Direct-dial number).
  • and more

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