Closed Circuit TV has evolved! Most new camera systems are IP (Internet Protocol) based, plugging directly into your existing network and can be viewed remotely.

Gone are the days of bad, grainy videos and difficulties in extracting the exact footage you need – most cameras are digital and hi-res.

Which brand is best for you? Well, that does depend on what networking environment you already have and your budget.

All systems we install offer remote viewing, so no matter where you are, you can easily log into your CCTV system and check that all is well.


At the top-end, the Unifi Protect range of cameras and equipment is impressive, with a simplified range, it’s easy to pick just the right cameras and digital video recorder. Unifi Protect is designed to complement an existing Unifi network installation, making the management of the system a breeze.

Indeed, if you already use the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro or a Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus Hybrid Controller, then you already have a DVR – just add cameras.

If you don’t already have any Ubiquiti Unifi equipment, then it may be more cost-effective to install a Hikvision setup.


With an extremely competitive price point and impressive feature set, the Hikvision range of CCTV and DVR are incredible value for money.

Typically lower cost than the Ubiquiti CCTV offerings and the best option for a fresh install.

Their range of cameras is impressive, so whether it’s an office, or car-park, home or estate, there’s a range that will be ideal.

With Hikvision, there’s a solution for all budgets.