Home Networking & WiFi

So you’ve installed your Internet Providers Super Fast package, but you still can’t watch Netflix on the TV in the Kitchen where the signal is weak?

Or maybe you need to work from Home and the signal in the study is awful?

Perhaps you need WiFi in the shed?

It’s definitely frustrating, that’s for sure!

Affordable Solutions

As we purchase more and more devices that need to be connected to the Internet, this problem is set to get worse, but it doesn’t have to. There is a multitude of solutions, depending on need, your budget and your preference.

Gigabit Cabling

From your router to your computer or appliance.

Gigabit Powerline

A network across you mains wiring


Semi-pro Access Points to provide WiFi

Most installations are best served using all three of the above technologies to provide a cost-effective solution that can grow with you as your needs grow.

No matter on your budget or preference, we can provide the best solution for you.

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