Multiple offices can present their own challenges, especially when you need to share network-based services installed at a single site. An Internet connection with a suitably equipped router can join two or more premises with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If not and the buildings are close, with good line of sight, then a specialist PPT link (Point To Point Link) can be used to extend your network.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

With the correct (& compatible) equipment a VPN can be established to quickly join two or more networks together. Services like backup, or VOIP can be utilised as though it’s local to the network, even though the two physical sites might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

PTP (Point To Point) Link

A Point To Point link is used to extend an existing network to a local building or outhouse that has a good line-of-sight presence. A network extended in this manner truly is one network. This enables you to effectively share the primary’s networks resources and deliver Internet Access where it was not possible before.

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