Ubiquiti Networks

Dave can make I.T. work specialises in network solutions incorporating Ubiquiti Networks hardware and software. 

Ubiquiti WiFi and Networking

Placing Ubiquiti Networks Edgerouter and UAP WiFi equipment at the core of your network give you a stable, high performance and reliable solution.

Ubiquiti Unifi

The Ubiquiti Networks Unifi platform can bring together all your Ubiquiti equipment. It gives you a powerful way to monitor and configure your network no matter where you are in the world.

Ubiquiti UVC

Ubiquiti Networks video surveillance systems have been designed to exceed the needs of customers. Features include HD video, night vision, indoor and outdoor models, and built in audio. You can control all of your cameras from a single interface, and view your camera feeds on any device – from anywhere in the world!


All installations are carried out professionally, in a discrete manner that is sympathetic to the environment, no matter where they occur.